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This magnificent estate is a six bedroom, five and a half bathroom ultra-luxury villa located approximately 40 minutes from New York City. 

The property is on an expansive grand super lot with 4.63 acres of courtyard views. The oversized central living room is 7,978 sq. ft. (800 sq. m.) and she creates a warm and inviting ambience. The property has exquisite oversized doors and windows that open up to the spectacular gardens. Stunning 3D bathroom powder room, beautiful remote office/library, spacious second floor multipurpose study/media room and guest lounge. 

There is a tennis court, fruits and vegetables garden, a heated swimming pool with corresponding colored lighting.

Advanced audio system, gym on the ground floor. basement door opens directly to the swimming pool, basement storage room, security system, and smart systems are all available.

这个宏伟的庄园有六间卧室和五间半浴室的超豪华别墅,离纽约市40分钟左右 ,广阔宏伟的超大地面积有4.63 英亩的庭院景观。 超大中央客厅  面积有7,978 平方英尺(800平米),她营造出温馨宜人的氛围,包括网球场、水果园、蔬菜园、带暖气加热游泳池、相应的彩色灯光,以及通向壮观花园的精致超大门窗。 令人惊叹的 3D 浴室化妆间、漂亮的远程办公室/图书馆、宽敞的二楼多功能书房/媒体室和宾客休息室。 高级音响系统、底层健身房、游泳休息间,地下室开门直通游泳池,地下室储藏室、安防系统,智能系统一应俱全。在这里真是人间仙境,神仙盘的享受。


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