House foe sale: Price: $2,950.000 address: 172-03 35 Ave. Flushing NY 11358

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Hello everyone! Let me share with you one of the most luxurious villas in Flushing, New York.             

 Address: 172-03 35 Ave. Flushing NY 11358       Price: $2,950.000                                                            

Built in 2005, the villa has seven floors; a newly replaced boiler in 2017 and a newly replaced central air conditioning in 2018.The villa has 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, finished basement, 1 indoor garage and 3 outdoor parking spaces; 6650 square footage. Property tax is only $16,985 per year.  

There are 8 major features of this luxury villa; 

1. Architect engineer designed, built, and self-occupied: This luxury villa is designed, constructed by the architectural engineer himself. It is a one family-full brick.In the main room, there are 4 skylights that can be controlled by remote control and can be closed automatically when it rains. There are 4 zone heating systems, 2 zone dual cooling systems that allows for Save heat and electricity. The building's power cables are buried underground, a rarity in the area, and are not affected by hurricanes. 

2. Large area - the usable area is 6650 square feet. 

3. Inconspicuous luxury villa- stylish and luxurious but not ostentatious. 

4. High-end entertainment venues: 14-foot-high roof, pool table, bar table, karaoke stereo. 

5. Ultra-low land tax -- $16,985.00 

6. Multifunctional use: social, entertainment, residence, office, personal and corporate investment. 7. Excellent location: between Flushing and Long Island. Enjoy the convenience of life in the Flushing  area, 10 minutes walk to the Long Island Train (30 minutes to Manchester Hatton Center), 3 minutes walk  to the bus station, 15 minutes drive to the center of Flushing (New China Town, lawyers, doctors,  accountants, local flavors There are countless restaurants), and there are Chinese and Western supermarkets nearby. Five minutes to #295 or #495 highway and you can enjoy the tranquility of Long Island living. The surrounding environment is safe and quiet, tree-lined. Villa is close to 1st street elementary school, 3rd street middle school, 5th street high school. 

8. Indoor facilities: building alarm system (Alarm), building cable TV network (cable), 10 o'clock intranet (internet) external facilities: 5 head protection security cameras, 8-head lawn automatic sprinkler system, outdoor water fountain fish pond.

Floor distribution status: 

First floor: office, laundry room, boiler room, workshop. 

Second floor: auxiliary kitchen, 0.5 bathroom.  

Third floor: front verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen. Fourth Floor: Three bedrooms, full bath. 

Fifth floor: 14-foot-high roof family entertainment hall includes: the ballroom with the pool table  of the famous pool hall Golden Q’Pool Hall (1939 classical), Bar counter, karaoke stereo. 

Sixth floor: master bedroom, rear balcony, full bathroom, 21-head jacuzzi. 

Seventh Floor Loft: 2 bedrooms, full bathroom.



地址:172-03 35 Ave.Flushing NY 11358 










4.高级娱乐场所:14 英尺高屋顶,台球桌、酒吧台,卡拉OK音响。

5.超低地税-- $16,985.00


7.地理位置极为优越: 位于法拉盛和长岛之间。既享受法拉盛地区的生活方便,10分钟走到长岛火车(30分钟到曼











第五层:14 英尺高屋顶家庭娱乐厅,包括:舞厅出自著名台球厅Golden Q’Pool Hall(1939年古典)的台球桌,酒吧台,


第六层:主卧房,后凉台,全卫生间,21头 按摩浴缸。

第七层:阁楼: 2个卧室,全套卫生间。



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